Megan is one of the most sought-after speakers in personal finance today.  Her experience in working with some of America’s wealthiest and most successful families has given her a unique perspective on how to tackle complex financial, tax and estate planning issues.  As a speaker and educator, her goal is to impart her knowledge and insights to benefit multiple generations and help them better understand their relationship with money, providing them with the tools to take their financial lives to the next level.

Megan speaks on themes related to:

  • Personal finance issues affecting Generation X
  • Women and Money
  • Estate planning issues
  • The financial habits of High Net Worth Individuals and Families

Megan has experience speaking to both large groups and small intimate sessions.  If you are interested in a topic not represented above, please let us know as Megan is well versed across the wealth management spectrum and can most likely satisfy your request.

Please email megan@thewealthintersection.com to inquire about Megan’s availability for future opportunities.